Dog Daycare in Altrincham Manchester

Is it time for your puppy to start school? Give Your Puppy
The Best Start To Life

Icons-PawsitivePuppies can start school from 12 weeks old (or as soon as they had their vaccinations)
Icons-PawsitiveDog daycare helps with puppy training and development
Icons-PawsitiveConfidence around new people and environments with the support of trained professionals. Daycare can also help with separation anxiety
Icons-PawsitiveSocialisation and confidence building
Icons-PawsitivePhysical exercise to stay fit and healthy
Icons-PawsitiveEnrichment Activities, new friends and lots of fun!

Why Puppy Daycare is Now More Important Than Ever!
Even If You're Working From Home!
Why Is Puppy Daycare so Important for your pup?
An extended family, trusted care and lots of doggy friends
Learn valuable socialisation skills and positive experiences

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The Doggy House, Dale House, Craven Road, Altrincham, WA14 5HJ
Mon - Fri: 7.30am -6.30pm Sat- Sun: Closed
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