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Is it time for your puppy to start school? Give Your Puppy
The Best Start To Life

Icons-PawsitivePuppies can start school from 12 weeks old (or as soon as they had their vaccinations)
Icons-PawsitiveDog daycare helps with puppy training and development
Icons-PawsitiveConfidence around new people and environments with the support of trained professionals. Daycare can also help with separation anxiety
Icons-PawsitiveSocialisation and confidence building
Icons-PawsitivePhysical exercise to stay fit and healthy
Icons-PawsitiveEnrichment Activities, new friends and lots of fun!

Why Puppy Daycare is Now More Important Than Ever!
Even If You're Working From Home!

Did you recently grow your family with a new furbaby over lockdown or while you're working from home?
For many, lockdown was the pawfect time to add a furbaby to their family. Unfortunately, many new pawrents were not able to socialise their new pup in the ways they would usually be able to, or give their pup the opportunity to meet new people, experience new surroundings or learn to be confident without their pawrents there. This can lead to confidence and behavioural issues as they grow older - such as seperation anxiety, low confidence, anxiety around new people, undeveloped social skills and anxiety when meeting other dogs.
Luckily, daycare offers the pawfect solution to help your pup learn to socialise with other dogs, experience new surroundings, meet new people and spend time having fun without their pawrents there.

Your pup will meet new dogs at their own pace, one at a time, under the constant supervision of trained professionals. This will ensure that your pups first experiences of meeting new dogs and people is a positive and confidence building experience for them, and ensure that they have lots of fun in the process. We will never rush our introductions and if they are only confident to meet one or two dogs the first time, that absolutely fine, we will work them to build their confidence. We have worked with many lockdown puppy pawrents since lockdown has been lifted and are dedicated to supporting both the dog and their pawrents through this somewhat challenging time for a lot of new puppy pawrents. If you have any questions or concerns about your new family member, please get in touch and we will be happy to help in any way we can!

We recommend that your pup starts school at any age from 12 weeks old (or as soon as they've had their vaccinations) to help them grow into confident well rounded adult dogs - whether they lack confidence or not - many puppies are supaw outgoing and also vastly benefit from daycare as they will learn so many valuable skills, take part in enrichment activities, build confidence without their pawrents, stay fit and health with an appropriate amount of exercise for their age, and most of all....they will have so much fun and enrich their lives in so many ways.
Why Is Puppy Daycare so Important for your pup?
There are so many reason why dog day care plays an important role in a young puppies life.

Of course, you should not be leaving your pup home alone all day while you are out, likewise it is not advisable to have your puppy with your 24hrs a day whilst you work from home as this can lead to separation anxiety when you have to leave them alone (such as going to the shops, or with a pet sitter when you go on holiday etc).
If your pup is left alone during the day, they can become bored, lonely and anxious. They may even become destructive. Your pup will also be going through their toilet training and being left home alone will likely lead to accidents in the house, and can negatively impact their toilet training.

Puppies thrive on structure and routine; that is something that dog day care can help with. We can make sure that your pup receives their packed lunch as required, help with toilet training and also have a structured day of activities, play time and rest breaks.

We tailor your pups exercise plan depending on their age and exercise levels, and we work with you over their requirements. Your pup will get the appropriate amount of exercise and come home relaxed and ready for a nap. Daily exercise at day care helps your pup to stay healthy, not become overweight and be fit and active.
An extended family, trusted care and lots of doggy friends
All the dogs that come The Doggy House dog daycare are treated as our extended family as we love and care for them year on year.

Many of our day care dogs started when they were as young as 12 weeks old for puppy daycare and have grown up together, building bonds of friendship that last a life time. It's wonderful when old friends get so excited to see each other at day care and spend their days playing together. Watching them grow up together is a truly wonderful thing!

Rather than your puppy being bored and lonely at home alone or being home all day and not experiencing new experiences or meeting new friends while you work from home, they will have a life filled with new and exciting experiences every day whilst staying fit and healthy by getting the appropriate amount of exercise for their age!

Oh, and did we mention....We LOVE puppy cuddles!! This also helps your pup get used to new surroundings and new people - helping them to be more confident meeting new people when you're put and about, or have guests to your home!

Puppies usually start with us around 12 weeks old or after they have had their vaccinations.
Learn valuable socialisation skills and positive experiences
It’s incredibly important for dogs to learn socialisation skills from a young age. If your pup doesn't learn how to socialise with other dogs, they can become nervous, unsure, show inappropriate behaviour or even become aggressive towards other dogs as they grow up. You want your puppy to learn how to play and interact with other dogs in a safe and productive environment such as puppy daycare, making sure that they have lots of positive experiences. Your dog growing up in a dog day care environment will help them to become more confident, happy, friendly and outgoing - and they will be much more likely to love making friends with new dogs when you are out and about on walks!

Dogs have so much fun at The Doggy House! Every day is spent enriching dogs lives; through free-play, activities, games, basic training, love and cuddles! What better way to spend the day than having fun with your best friends?

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