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Coronavirus Covid19 Secure

Coronavirus Covid-19 Customer Care Policy

As part of our response to the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic, we are taking extra precautions to help ensure the safety of our employees, customers and visitors to the centre. 

As part of our response, please ensure that you read and follow our new policies when visiting the centre to help ensure the safety of everyone at The Doggy House. Please note that our staff members will be wearing masks when interacting with the public. See below for further details of how are covid-19 secure. 

Please note that if you or a member of your family that lives in your household is isolating due to showing symptoms of, or tested postive for Coronavirus Covid-19, or if you are required to isolate after travelling abroad, unfortunately, we are unable to accept your dog into daycare. If you or a member of your household is self-isolating due to showing symptoms or having confirmed Covid-19, please stay home in line with government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you once you are well again and have isolated for the recommended time! 

Customers and visitors to The Doggy House

  • Face masks must be worn by anyone visiting our centre, this include the reception/shop and visitors viewing inside the centre or grooming salon. 

· We are operating a contactless handover procedure for all dogs come into and leaving the centre – this involves the following:

· Please maintain a distance of at least 2 metres between yourself and other customers in the carpark. 

· Follow instruction on our safety equipment and signage in the car park for how to safely enter and exit the building 

· Only 1 customer in the reception area at a time. Strictly ‘One in – One out’.

· Enter reception and close the door behind you securely. Hand sanitiser is available for use.

· Please make sure that you wait on the social distancing marker on the floor to be served – we have motion sensor alerts and CCTV, so we will know that you are there – you no longer need to ring the bell during this time.

· Once you are in the secure area and a staff member is present, place your dog into the secure handover area (the secure grey fenced off holding area) and remove your dogs lead, make sure to close the gate behind your dog. Place any lunch boxes on the reception desk, then step back and ensure that you are stood back on the marker. 

· Our staff member will then clip one of our daycare leads on to your dog and wipe your dog and their collar down with a disposable dog safe wipe. The wipe will be disposed of after use. 

·  Please only bring essential items with your dog such as any food or medication that they require during their time at daycare. Please bring any food items in disposable packaging wherever possible. Please note that we will no longer be able to return any uneaten food in the evenings.

· We will wipe your dog, including their collar, down before entering the centre and again before going home with a pet safe disposable wipe. Please allow for a little extra time during drop offs and collections for this process. 

· We will wipe down any items brought with your dog such as lunch boxes before we store them in the centre and again before they are returned in the evening.

 · We can now take online payments if you want to pay for your packages online at the time of booking, this is done through your individual personal portals. We also have contactless payment within the centre, with card machines being cleaned between uses. You can also pay over the phone. Please note that we are now no longer able to accept cash payments for the time being.  

· We can collect and drop your dog back in your car if you require – please speak to us beforehand if you would like curb side pick-up and drop off. 

· We are able to collect your dog and drop your dog back at your home with our ‘doggy chauf-fur service’. During this difficult time, all taxi services are £2.50 each way in the local area. Please ask for a further details as to whether our route covers your area.Find out more HERE 

Any areas that are used in the dog taxi are disinfected between uses.

If you are using our taxi service, please follow the following guidelines:

– Please bring your dog out into open air for collection if possible, such as your front garden. The handover will be conducted in a contactless procedure – we will clip our lead onto your dog’s collar and once it is secure, you will unclip your lead to keep with you. We will then wipe down your dog and their collar with a pet safe wipe before they enter the centre, and before they are returned home. 

– If bringing your dog outside is not possible, please open and close doors for the person collecting your dog and social distance as much as possible

– If you are not home at the time of pick up and/or drop off, we will conduct the pick-up/drop off as usual and wipe down door handles when we leave. 

– The staff member will be wearing a face mask 

– The staff member will sanitise their hands before/after collecting your dog and before/after dropping them home. 

– Social distancing measures must be adhered to wherever possible – please note that we are operating a ‘no handshake’ policy that includes any physcial contact, for your safety and ours. 

– If you would like to purchase anything from our store, you can pay for this over the phone and we can bring the order with us when we drop your dog home for contactless delivery (there is no additional charge for this service). 

We have implemented additional covid-19 precautions throughout the centre for all employees, these include but are not limited to:

– Additional hand washing

– Extra use of hand sanitisers

– The wiping down of dogs and dog related items entering and exiting the centre

– Additional cleaning measures of high footfall areas and communal areas

– As part of our standard operating procedures our entire centre is disinfected at the end of each evening, we have added extra cleaning protocols into this process. 

– Social distancing for all employees, customers and visitors to the centre. 

– The use of face coverings when in high traffic areas such as reception

– Continued use of PPE as outline in our standard operating procedures

–Additional PPE such as barrier guards, sneeze gaurds, handover areas, social distancing markings, health and safety signage, risk assessments, new policies and procedures

– Staggered lunch breaks to allow for easier social distancing 

– Illness reporting protocols and isolation in line with goverment guidelines 

– Additional staff training pertaining to covid-19 safety and disease control

– The Doggy House holds Pet Industry Federation Covid-19 Pet Care Business Certification 

Coronavirus covid-19 Centre Visitors

As part of our ongoing effort to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and visitors, extra precautionary measures have been put into place. Please make sure that you follow the guidelines outlined below:

1) All visitors entering the main play centre or back offices must sign in as usual and confirm they have read/been informed of our customer and visitor covid-19 policies 

2) All visitors must pre-book their visit to allow us to ensure that social distancing measures can be met

3) All visitors into the centre must sanitise their hands before entering and exiting the centre

4) If you are viewing the centre as part of your dog joining daycare with us and you use our viewing platform, this will be wiped down both before and after use 

5) If you are viewing the centre with the view of your dog wanting to start daycare with us, we kindly ask that the time spent viewing the centre be kept to a minimum to ensure the safety of yourself, our employees and other customers 

6) Please refrain from touching anything that is not essential whilst in the centre. 

7) Please only touch items in the store if you are likely to want to purchase the item

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding during this difficult time. Working together we can help to keep everyone at The Doggy House as safe as possible and continue to offer your furbabies the very best care. 

If you have any questions, queries or concerns please feel free to contact us either phone/email/facebook message. 

We lookforward to seeing you and your furbabies very soon! 

It’s time for dogs to get back to socialising!

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