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What to Expect

Love. Learn. Wag.
Drop Your Furbaby Off At School

Drop your furbaby at school at your pre-arranged time (please let us know when you will arrive on your first day so that we can have an empty play area ready).

Get Pupdates via Our Social Media

Be sure to check our Facebook page for social media pupdates on how your furbaby is getting on and what they've been up to. We aim to post the updates around 11am-12pm, though these times can vary.

Collect your happy pup from school in the evening and hear all about their pawsome day!

Pick up your dog at your pre-arranged time and find out all about their pawsome fun filled day through their school report. You will also get the opportunity to view the centre if you haven't already.


Starting School

Drop your furbaby off at school at your pre-arranged time (please let us know when you will arrive on your first day when booking your first day so that we can have a play area empty ready for their gradual introduction to their new friends!). Drop off times are usually between 7.30am-10.00am unless you have a special arrangement.

Make sure you bring your dog to daycare with a collar and tag, any packed lunch that you would like to us to give them (this service is free of charge). Please keep your dog on a lead in public areas and follow our covid19 safety measures, including wearing a face mask in our reception/shop area.

Find out how your pup is getting on via our Facebook page

Be sure to check our Facebook page for pupdates on how your furbaby is getting on and what they've been up to.
We aim to post the updates around 11am-12pm, though these times can vary as we want to ensure we are dedicating our time to making sure your furbaby is loving daycare and having lots of fun and taking it at their own pace!
We will never rush an introduction and will spend lots of 1-2-1 time with your dog as well as gradually introducing new doggy friends to them. Be sure to check back regularly for photos and/or videos!


Find out all about your furbabies first day of school!

Pick up dog up from daycare at the pre-arranged time (please let us know on the day if this time changes). Please allow enough time for us to chat to you about how your pup has got on, what they've been up to and tell you about all the fun they've had! You can also view the centre if you haven't already.

Be sure to also check your email for their first day of school report card, this also contains other info about future bookings and other services! Please check your junk mail if you haven't received your school report card after your dogs first day!

1. Every new dog needs to pass our behavioural assessment.

Our assessment will test how your dog interacts with other dogs, people, new environments, if they like sharing their toys, their general behaviour and whether or not they will be happy in a doggy day care environment. We cannot accept any dogs that show aggressive behaviour - either to other dogs or to people.

Some dogs take a little bit longer to find their feet and build their confidence, and that is absolutely fine - we take it at their own pace.

If daycare isn't the right choice for your dog, we will let you know and offer advice where we can. Daycare isn't right for all dogs, we want to make sure that every dog is happy, loves spending time socialising with other dogs and that all dogs and people are safe. We will always be completely open and honest with you over how your dog is doing - both the good and any areas that there have been issues.

2. Their assessment and introducing them to their play group.

Firstly, your dog will spend some time getting used to their new surroundings, exploring the centre and getting to know us as their carers. We will build bonds with them, have lots of love and fuss, and get them settled in before progressing onto meeting other dogs.

We NEVER introduce a new dog to a big group of new dogs, this would be incredibly overwhelming and potentially dangerous. Your dog will meet his/her new friends one-by-one under the close supervision of our highly trained team. Once your dog has found their feet and are they are happily meeting new friends and exploring the centre, they can become part of a larger group - usually around 10-15 dogs.

They've passed their assessment with flying colours and wagging tails - now the real fun begins!

Your dog will spend their day playing with other dogs, interacting with our team for love and cuddles, taking part in games and activities - he/she will also be encouraged to take nap breaks, we have many different sleeping options throughout the centre. If your dog is a young puppy, we will make sure that they get the required rest breaks to not overexert themselves or cause damage to their developing bodies. Daycare forms such an important part of a young pups development, giving them structure and helps them to become confident, happy, well socialised and well rounded adult dogs.

4. Most adult dogs do not require a lunch break whilst at daycare, however you can bring a packed lunch with them if they usually eat during the day. Puppies and young adults will likely need a packed lunch bringing with them. We will feed your dog during the day for you, there is no extra charge for this service. Please make sure that you bring their lunch in a sealed container that is clearly labelled with their name on it.

5. You will receive regular pupdates via our social media channels, so that you know how they are getting on, what they have been up to and who their friends are. Make sure you like and follow us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to receive your pupdates!
Dog Daycare in Altrincham Manchester

Want even more daycare photos?

In addition to our facebook and instagram pages, you can request to join our Pawrents Pupdates Group - a group that's exclusive to pawrents of dogs that attend The Doggy House, for even more photos, pupdates and be the first to hear exciting news. You will find the link for this in your first day welcome email that you will get prior to attending your first day.

When visiting the shop/centre/grooming salon, please make sure that you follow our covid19 safety procedures. Please see our Covid19 policies for further details.

4. Collecting your dog from their first day!

We cannot wait to speak to you and let you know all about you pooches first day at dog daycare and answer any questions that you may have!
We will give you a full report of what they have been up to, invite you in to see the centre (providing you collect them after 4.30pm). Please let us know what time you will be collecting them so that we make sure we have a member of the team free to dedicate as much time as needed to chat to you and show you around. Collections in the evening for their first day ideally need to be between 4.30pm and 6 pm. If you would like to come in and see the centre, please make sure that you arrange collection for after 4.30pm.

After their first day, most people collect their dogs anywhere between 3.30pm - 6.30pm - you don't need to let us know what time you are collecting them every time, just on their first day so that we can ensure we are free to spend time chatting with you.

7. We can't wait for our next play date!

After you dog has had their first day of dog day care, you can then book in your future bookings via your customer portal/ online booking system - we are flexible and there is no required minimum days. Though if you decide to purchase our discounted pre-paid packages, the 10 day package needs to be used within 4 weeks of purchase and the 20 day package within 8 weeks of purchase.

Dog Daycare in Altrincham Manchester

8. Your dog has had a busy day, they'll likely be quite sleepy after all the fun, exercise and new experiences.

When you get home, make sure that you have some fresh water available (we have a constant supply for fresh water available at all times, but your dog may have been playing right up to the point of going home or have been asleep and not drank immediately before leaving). They'll also be ready for their dinner (please make sure it's been at least an hour after leaving daycare before feeding them) and then they will likely have a nap to rest up after such a fun day. Make sure you keep us informed of their tiredness levels and whether they need less or more rest during the day at daycare - we can tailor their days to meet their individual requirements. You may find that they require a little more food than usual, due to the increase in exercise when they attend daycare regularly.

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