FIVE STAR FULLY LICENSEDNot all dog daycares are created equal...

Choosing  the pawfect dog day care or dog sitter for your precious family member  can seem overwhelming. It is great that dog day care has become more  popular in recent years – but not all dog day cares are created equal!

The  Doggy House in Altrincham has 9,000 sqft of play areas, split into 5  large play areas to accommodate all sizes and ages and tailor the  playgroups accordingly. Our centre is temperature and moisture  controlled and has rubber safety flooring throughout. We are incredibly  proud of our state of the art veterinary kennels for feeding dogs safely  and have a range of sleeping options for the dogs to rest and nap. We  have full CCTV coverage throughout the centre, all walkways are  double-gated for safety and our centre is focussed around security with  keypad code locked doors and other security precautions implemented – so  that you can be confident that your dog is safe and secure whilst in  our care. 

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We have a large team of dedicated, highly trained and qualified dog care professionals. Every member of the team is Canine First Aid and CPR qualified and other qualifications held by team members include dog training, canine behaviour, professional daycare operator level 3 (DEFRA licensing requirement), canine nutrition, puppy development, animal care…to name a few! We also have an Ex-Vet and Ex-Vet Nurse on our team.

We have a professional onsite dog grooming salon and spa, which is open to daycare dogs and non daycare dogs alike! The Canine Beauty Room is one of the mostly highly rated and popular dog grooming salons.

Our shop, The Doggy Deli, offers an exciting selection of natural healthy dog treats, toys, accessories and dog beds!

Pet  taxi chauf-fur service is available in the local area of Altrincham,  Sale, Hale, Timperley. Wythenshawe and other surrounding areas

Why does your dog need dog daycare? (Even when you're working from home!)

Doggy  daycare provides a safe, fun and enriching environment for your dog to  spend their day making friends, learning vital socialisation skills,  taking part in canine enrichment activities and of course, getting lots  of love and attention. Dog daycare provides you with the peace of mind  that your precious family member is being cared for when you can’t be  there – coupled with regular pupdates!

Dogs  can become bored, lonely, destructive and even suffer from separation  anxiety when left home alone for prolonged periods. Dog daycare is the  perfect solution for giving your dog a happy and fulfilling life while  you cannot be there during the day. 

Embarking on a successful business venture often involves careful consideration and planning, much like the thoughtful care provided in a reputable doggy daycare. In the world of canine companionship, it’s crucial to offer a safe and enjoyable environment where furry friends can flourish. Dog daycare not only ensures a secure space for dogs to make new pals and develop essential socialization skills but also provides them with engaging activities and, of course visit, plenty of love and attention. For pet owners seeking the best care for their four-legged family members, establishments like “Cancel Hacienda del Mar” understand the importance of creating a nurturing atmosphere. To learn more about their services and commitment to canine well-being, check out [insert_link_here]. With a focus on transparency and regular updates, businesses like these provide pet owners with peace of mind, mirroring the dedication required for a thriving business in any industry.

Daycare can allow you to work from home in peace, knowing that your pup is getting their daily exercise and will come home nice and tired. Dog’s thrive on route and love getting to see their friends and have fun taking part in activities – it also helps with seperation anxiety, helping them to be happy being away from their families without become anxious or stressed. This is particularly important during lockdown, while many people are working from home, their dogs still need the enrichment that being at daycare brings, and will make it easier for your dog to transition back to ‘normal life’ when you have to return to leading ‘a more normal life’ yourself and you are not home as much. 

Doggy daycare also plays an important role in a young puppy’s training and development,  helping them to be confident in new surroundings, with new people and to  help them learn vital socialisation skills. Puppies can start daycare  after they have had all their vaccinations, usually around 12wks old.  

Many dogs attend daycare just because they love it and the exercise  helps to keep them healthy and happy throughout their lives! Whatever  the reason, you can be sure that your precious family member is getting  the very best care at The Doggy House! 

 Our  team of dedicated animal lovers have a wide collection of  qualifications. Every team member is Canine First Aid qualified. We also  have an Ex-Vet and Ex-Vet Nurse as part of our team. Other  qualifications held by the centre owners Nat and Rebekah and the team  include Dog Training, Dog Training and Behaviour, Canine Psychology,  Canine Behaviour, Holistic Canine Behaviour, Canine Anatomy and  Physiology, Advanced Canine First Aid and CPR, Canine Nutrition,  Professional Dog Daycare Operator (in-line with new DEFRA regulations),  Puppy Development, Animal Care and Welfare, Canine Socialisation and  Training, Moderating Dog Behaviour – to name but a few.   

Dogs  are our lives and our passion and we love each dog as if they were our  own. We all love our Doggy House family, and we think it shows in  everything that we do!

Pawfect Play Areas

We offer a safe and fun environment for your dog to play and socialise with other dogs and have plenty of cuddles throughout the day. The Doggy House is the ultimate playground for dogs to explore, play and participate in canine enrichment activities - giving them plenty of exercise while they learn important socialisation skills and have great fun at the same time

Each of our 5 spacious play areas is equiped with lots of fun play equipment like platforms, ramps, tunnels, slides, play houses etc. There are also plenty of fun toys for your pooch to play with and lots of enrichment activities to keep them mentally stimulated as well as physically exercised. Our swing balls are a firm favourite with the dogs too!

Cosy Nap Times

We are a free-playing facility, which means that dogs are fully supervised whilst playing freely in groups of other dogs throughout the day but that doesn't mean that your dog will be play every second of the day, nap times are just as important as the play times! We have a range of comfy snuggly beds in every play area for your pooch to choose from, all of our beds have veterinary bedding for comfort. There are are also 'Mega-Beds', which are custom handmade large dog beds for group nap times and are also perfect for our giant breeds. Most dogs will decide when and where they want to nap and when they want to play, puppies under 6 months will have their rest breaks scheduled by us to avoid them over-exercising or becoming overly tired as their bodies grow and develop.

Our custom handmade Mega-Beds are furtastic for group snuggles, stretching out or for our giant breeds! They also make for fun playtimes to roll about on!

SAFE comfortable feeding and resting facilities

We have a range of state of the art veterinary kennels, as used in veterinary surgeries all over the world, as well as a few larger kennels for bigger dogs and spacious private suites adjoining the play areas for safely feeding and resting dogs in comfort after they've had their packed lunches. This not only allows your pup to eat their lunch in peace but stops any possible aggressive behaviour around food or dogs eating the wrong foods and also allows us to rest your pup for 1hr after eating which minimises the risk of bloat, also known as gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) - a very serious condition that can be fatal for dogs. All lunches and naps are digitally recorded and time coded in line with (and above and beyond) DEFRA licensing requirements. During our licensing inspection our inspector was incredibly impressed by all of our facilities, processes and procedures and reporting systems. Any uneaten food will be return to you in the evening.

We have 3 private suites that adjoin the play areas and a few larger kennels with comfy beds in, which are perfect for lunchtimes or if your pup prefers to rest for up to an hour uninterrupted rather than in the main play areas!
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